Is Darwinism Compatible with Islam?A Perspective Based on the Modified Universal Law- Shaikh Dr. Hatem Al Haj

All praise be to Allah, and may His blessings and peace be on His last messenger, Muhammad, This is an update on an answer I provided before for this question: What is the Islamic opinion on the theory of evolution, and if a Muslim claims to believe in this theory is he a kafir? I... Continue Reading →

Scientific Predictions in the Quran?

I have to start the article with a disclaimer: I don’t subscribe to nor propagate Scientific Miracles of the Quran, it looked like an interesting avenue in my earlier days but with more thought and reflection I have given up on it. An interesting objection comes from the atheist aisle when discussing the Quran, especially... Continue Reading →

Creation from Nothing?

In this short write up, I will try to tackle a scientific issue of virtual particle popping from nothing. As my aim is to talk to people who are not necessarily familiar with the details of quantum mechanics ie never solved Schrodinger’s equation for anything (yes reading 2 popular books by Stephen Hawkins and others... Continue Reading →

Chaotic System- Butterfly Effect

One of the greatest shift in physics happened after the famed Isaac Newton shaped our conception of nature to a very strict mechanistic one. The universe as a whole was understood to be operating with some strict laws like a clock. If you know everything there is to know about an event now you can... Continue Reading →

Science and Reductionism

One key concept in science today is the concept of reductionism. It’s a thought process where higher-order or more sophisticated system is just delusion and are workings of a more basic system. That is, Biology is essentially nothing more than a part of chemistry working in a certain fashion. Chemistry again is nothing more than... Continue Reading →

Science Works?

The phrase ‘Science Works’ is very common parlance in the present day and you would be downright delusional to disagree. Science from its inception(natural philosophy) was a means to understand the nature around is and to get to predict it better so that humans can take advantage of it. Thus using nature to guide us... Continue Reading →

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