The Myth of the Egyptian Standard Version of Quran!

One tired but consistent effort that the online Christian community engages in while talking about Quran is to use whatever terms they have in store for the bible to designate into Quran. While that wouldn’t have been an issue if Quran and Bible were comparable in their compilation, the two are so widely different that... Continue Reading →

The Chain for Ibn Kathir al Makki

Imam Ibn Kathir al Makki was a famous Qari in Makkah. Like Imam Asim and Imam Nafi his qirat also gained fame. He was also an indirect teacher of Imam Shafi. He is not to be confused with the famous historian and mufassir Ibn Kathir who was a contemporary of ibn Qayyim and student of... Continue Reading →

The Historical Spread of the Qiraa’aat: 300AH to Present


In part of his master’s thesis on the different qiraa’aat and their effects on religious rulings, Dr. Waleed Al-Maneese included the following chapter regarding the historical spread of the qiraa’aat in different regions of the Muslim world, with particular focus on the year 300 onwards. For more information on the earlier period of the qiraa’aat, see The Early History of the Qiraa’aat: al-Suyooti.

السرد التاريخي لانتشار القراءات في وانحسارها في البلدان
A Collection of Points on the Historical Spread and Decline of the Different Qiraa’aat in the Various Lands

والذي توصلت إليه من خلال النقول التي تجمعت لديّ حول السرد التاريخي لانتشار القراءات في الأمصار وانحسارها منها ما يلي : ـ

What follows is material that I have gathered from various reports related to the historical spread of the different qiraa’aat in the various lands and their subsequent declines in popularity. It goes as follows:

١) إلى عصر…

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On Qirat and Ahruf- Invented or Revealed!

In Twitter-sphere a discussion regarding the influence of text of the Quran on the manuscript on Qiraat is taking place. It seems that the notion that’s peddled by some is that the text of the Quran on the manuscript was read off differently by the reciters and that became the source of the variance of... Continue Reading →

The Chain for Hafs and Warsh

Quran is transmitted through multiple masters who memorized it through the chain of the sahabis. The two most popular is Imam Assim's transmission and Imam Nafi's transmission. Their transmissions are again related by their prized student. For Imam Assim the most popular one is by his adopted son/Son in law Hafs while for Imam Nafi... Continue Reading →

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