11th Century Hanabilah from the Lenses of al-Kurani

The article is reproduced from a translative effort of a friend of mine who is a very thorough student of knowledge . He prefers to stay anonymous and as such I will not be posting his name in the title as I have done so for others. May Allah bless the brother for his hard... Continue Reading →

Some Thoughts on Cosmic Skeptics Argument on Objective Morality

Following up on the debate, Can Atheism Justify Human Rights? I have noticed an interesting line of argument that can be made using Cosmic Skeptic's argument that actually necessitates God. Cosmic Skeptic's argument for establishing an objective standard from a subjective measure is (as I noted in my review) : “if in a possible world... Continue Reading →

Time to Redefine Atheism vs Theism Debates

Modern-day atheism has found a way to escape accountability of their claims by a contrived method. The way they do it is to claim that instead of atheists they are agnostic. The word agnostic was coined by the ever famous Thomas Huxley also known as Darwin's bulldog. What it basically means is ‘I am not... Continue Reading →

Scattered Thoughts on Fitrah

One of the notions that separate Islam from other Abrahamic faith is the notion of Fitrah. A very robust appeal to fitrah is given in Islam and it has been seen as the hallmark in Islam especially in the Salafi/Athari theology following the works of Shaikh al Islam ibn Taymiyyah where he systematically dismantles the... Continue Reading →

Fine Tuning Argument and Mr Bean !

The multiverse hypothesis of late has seen a surge in interest among the lay and expert alike. Its seen defacto as an opposition to God by may atheist and for many others (me included) it is seen to be quite an acceptable, though untestable, cosmological reality(using reality loosely here). It should be mentioned here that... Continue Reading →

Science vs God- a pointless struggle

A curious case of induction lies in the scientific community and the community that worships science. It’s a notion that may be aptly called ‘Probably Solved in Future of the Gap’. Modern science has come far, there is no question about that, and as such we have been able to make sense of the world... Continue Reading →

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