Is Darwinism Compatible with Islam?A Perspective Based on the Modified Universal Law- Shaikh Dr. Hatem Al Haj

All praise be to Allah, and may His blessings and peace be on His last messenger, Muhammad, This is an update on an answer I provided before for this question: What is the Islamic opinion on the theory of evolution, and if a Muslim claims to believe in this theory is he a kafir? I... Continue Reading →

Time to Redefine Atheism vs Theism Debates

Modern-day atheism has found a way to escape accountability of their claims by a contrived method. The way they do it is to claim that instead of atheists they are agnostic. The word agnostic was coined by the ever famous Thomas Huxley also known as Darwin's bulldog. What it basically means is ‘I am not... Continue Reading →

Epistemology of ibn Taymiyyah

Ibn Taymiyyah was a formidable muslim scholar of 13th century. His indefatigable defense of islam from external threats be it intellectual or political reverberates till today. Here is my attempt to rework his epistemology. He advocated a more empirical method in understand the world around us. Source of knowledge for him was either through senses... Continue Reading →

Scattered Thoughts on Fitrah

One of the notions that separate Islam from other Abrahamic faith is the notion of Fitrah. A very robust appeal to fitrah is given in Islam and it has been seen as the hallmark in Islam especially in the Salafi/Athari theology following the works of Shaikh al Islam ibn Taymiyyah where he systematically dismantles the... Continue Reading →

Liberalism and Religious Freedom

'Religion should be private' is a slogan of the 20th century that didn’t see waning in the 21st. This notion seeks to limit religion to a faith that has minimum effect in public life so that other means can be used to decide on state and social dos and don’t. In other words, it seeks... Continue Reading →

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