A Kalami Critique of Istiqlaali Creed: Analyzing the Fallacies, Incoherence and the Ambiguous God Problem (AGP) in Dr. Qadhi’s Theology.

Brother Muhammad wrote another fantastic piece mashaallah

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The argument

Many of you might have heard this argument that if we consider xyz (other than Allah) to be hearing at every place, knowing every matter, controlling every single atom in the universe, and even creating the heavens and the earth, all of that will not be considered Shirk, so long as the belief is that the xyz entity is dependent upon Allah.

A very simplistic version of this argument can be formulated as follows:

1. Allah has knowledge and power.

2. We also have some knowledge and power.

3. Prophets or Angels of have much greater degrees of knowledge and power than us.

4. Therefore, the quantity or degrees of knowledge or power cannot be the differentiation criteria between how Allah’s knowledge or power is understood.

5. The differentiating criteria between divine knowledge/divine power and the knowledge or power of created beings must then be independence.

6. Therefore…

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