Did all pagan deities of pre-Islamic Arabia have creation powers ? Evaluating Yasir Qadhi’s unprecedented understanding of Paganism.

A great article on the issue of istiqlal.

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This is a series of posts analyzing various aspects of Salafism vs Istiqlaalism debate from Deobandi perspective. On this particular issue, the critique is directed against Shaykh Yāsir Qāḍi (YQ), who is considered an advocate of Istiqlaal doctrine alongside others like Shaykh Ḥātim Al-ʿAwnī, and some students of knowledge. Even though, to add this disclaimer, YQ’s understanding on all issues may not corroborate with the stance of others in that camp.

So lets quote the position of Yāsir Qāḍi from his library chat:14 (https://youtu.be/dRtYCJ7bE5I), time stamped around 1:13:00 , where he says the following

Allah is saying that Quresh understand that there is one God of gods—the Supreme God, now whats the next verse. [Quotes 23(Al-Mu’minoon):91], this is paganism, the quintessential reality of paganism. Every Ilaah has the power to create according to the Quresh. Every Ilaah would be in control of a dominion and doing things in his…

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