The Chain for Hafs and Warsh

Quran is transmitted through multiple masters who memorized it through the chain of the sahabis. The two most popular is Imam Assim’s transmission and Imam Nafi’s transmission. Their transmissions are again related by their prized student. For Imam Assim the most popular one is by his adopted son/Son in law Hafs while for Imam Nafi its one of his prized student Warsh.

I have attempted to document the chain of transmission from Prophet to Hafs and Warsh for better appreciation of the preservation of Quran. I tried to document the chain for another classically popular Qiraa (Qiraa of ibn Kathir al Makki) which can be found here.

Transmission of Hafs
Transmission of Warsh- Imam Nafi had another student Qaloon whose recitation is also known but i forgot to add beside Warsh.

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      1. As far as I know, according to Hadith terminology Mutawatir report need at least 4 transmitter at each level. So my question is, can we show at least 4 transmitter at each level from Prophet saw to Hafs.?

        The same question from Hafs to Ibn Mujahid?

        If you kindly give answer or make a big post about the question I asked, that would be helpful.

      2. I see, the term mutawatir has varied definition as far as I am aware. Iirc ibn taymiyyah s view is mutawatir for various narration can change. Mutawatir to him is a concept that is simply when enough people come together to report an event where you can’t simply dismiss it to be fabricated. So based on the kind of event/ news the base line of people required would vary for a statement to be mutawatir. That I think is quite intelligent understanding of what mutawatir should mean. Allahu alim.
        With regards to hafs or warsh. If you go by reported chain you can probably have levels where less than 4 exist for particular recitation. However that I think is a fallacious way to categorise Qur’an’s chain.
        How many times have you heard surah fatiha from how many people?
        Multitudes I m sure. But you don’t account those as “chains” as it’s too pedantic.
        Nafi for example notes says he heard /learned Quran from 70 reciter. You can’t name those 70 as it wasn’t needed. Similar for hafs.
        If you go by name you may find it less than the tawatur by a standard 4 but if you go by historical and practical way Quran was taught spread and recited it’s nearly impossible for it not to be mutawatir.
        Allahu alim

      3. I know that. And it’s also a reasonable conclusion.

        But I Was searching for some rigorous answer. I mean, I Was searching for is there any chain which consists of 4 transmitter at each level. However, no problem. Thank you for your assistant.

        I have a question regarding a Hadith. Do you have the time to explain that Hadith?

      4. Perhaps you can post it and I ll try to get back to you on the question. I don’t have any materials with me for few days so it will be difficult to get a straight answer immediately especially on hadith. But do ask if I don’t know I ll ask my peers/senior or my teacher. It will be a learning experience for me as well insha’Allah

      5. I have asked it in a new thread. Do you have any social account? A lot of question sometimes rise in my mind. If you could give me any way to contact you, it would be very helpful for me.

  1. Is There any other students who learned recitation from Abu Amr, Zir Ibn Hubaysh and Sulami?

    And can we count one more teacher of Asim? I mean is there any other teacher of Asim from whom he learned recitation?

    1. Assims primary learned from Al sulami and he also learned from others the notables are mentioned. But I can ask my teacher for the specific question insha’Allah.

  2. What is the explanation of this Hadith?

    Here is in English.

    Narrated Ibn `Abbas:

    `Umar said, Ubai was the best of us in the recitation (of the Qur’an) yet we leave some of what he recites.’ Ubai says, ‘PI have taken it from the mouth of Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) and will not leave for anything whatever.” But Allah said “None of Our Revelations do We abrogate or cause to be forgotten but We substitute something better or similar.” 2.106.

    I want to know the context, timeline and explanation of this Hadith in a reasonable manner.

    It’s very reasonable to assert that Ubay ra who was one of the famous 4 Qari Sahabi was unaware of Naskh.

  3. Sorry. Correction.

    “It is very *unreasonable* to assert that Ubay ra who was one of the famous 4 Qari Sahabi was unaware of Naskh.”

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