Musings Regarding Skepticism on Perception Based Epistemology

A common sense reply to Skepticism (eg from Hume ) by Thomas Reid:
“The skeptic asks me, Why do you believe the existence of the external object which you perceive? This belief, sir, is none of my manufacture; it came from the mint of Nature; it bears her image and superscription; and, if it is not right, the fault is not mine: I ever took it upon trust, and without suspicion. Reason, says the skeptic, is the only judge of truth, and you ought to throw off every opinion and every belief that is not grounded on reason. Why, sir, should I believe the faculty of reason more than that of perception?—they came both out of the same shop, and were made by the same artist; and if he puts one piece of false ware into my hands, what should hinder him from putting another?”
I find this to be spot on, If we are being skeptical of literally everything and break every claim down to reason alone I think we will be left with quite a lot of issues that would have no answers. Especially when the issue of questioning perception comes.
Personally i find the epistemic school where ‘apparent perception is given precedence unless indubitable reason is provided to reinterpret/doubt it’ to be the most common sense school.
In short we cannot/do not live thinking Cartesian demon exist. Its counter-intuitive.
Whats more i dont think the issue of circular argument is not bypassed. If anyone tries to justify why reason is better epistemic tool they are using reason to do so. At some point axiomatic facts are necessary to live and make sense of this world

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